Inspire green living: Become a Queen of Green coach.

David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

There’s no one path to green living. It can start with a broken down car and a new found passion for your bike. Maybe pregnancy or childbirth inspires a frenzy of chemical concern. It can start in your garden, kitchen, bathroom—even your workplace. What`s certain: Once you take the first step, you’re going to take another.

It feels good to live green.
That’s the idea behind the Queen of Green Coaches program. By inspiring others to live lightly on the Earth, we can create more sustainable communities.

Will you share your knowledge and experience with other families? If you remember the moment when you knew you could do better, but didn’t know where to start—then you know how much easier it is to make change with a coach.

Be the change.
As a Queen of Green Coach you will:

  • Recruit five families and guide them through four green living modules over a three-month period
  • Receive green living resources you can customize to your needs
  • Meet bi-weekly with the Queen of Green and the other coaches to discuss strategies and solutions
  • Inspire change in your community

For more information or to apply, please email me at by February 26th 2013.



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