the ultimate escape plan

It is one of those days. I am sitting at home having coffee, checking my emails, watching The Marilyn Denis Show on the local CTV station, answering the daily prompt from the Daily Post, and listening to the sounds of a table saw running outside of my window. What a perfect time to answer the prompt for today, Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

I love escaping from things, I call it a form of procrastination the means of avoiding of those things you prefer not to directly face. Do you have those times where you want to get out of yourself or your situation?

I can find place outside of my home to escape, planned and acted upon. My favourite is a coffee shop. I even use the library or a walk around a commercial area checking out the windows and shops. In my areas is the Chintz & Co Edmonton I love going in there and seeing the unaffordable things to get inspired. I have a choice of coffee shops that I love to escape to like The Roast Coffeehouse + Wine Bar, The Sequel Cafe, or a Second Cup.  The Edmonton Public Library another place that gives me a place to escape.

I also like to go to some of my artists spaces such as writing and drawing. My all time favourite is a reading a good book my favoutite artist is Alexander McCall Smith. It has been awhile since I have escape into a good book. I think I now have a place to escape.

Is escaping okaying or isn’t it? I tell you that one can only escape so often before one needs to face the small stuff that are now larger then they really are.

So what do you do to escape? Do you have other ideas of escape?




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