Holding Harper’s feet to the fire

There's nowhere left to hide

My fellow New Democrat,

After weeks of hiding from the biggest Senate scandal in Canada‘s history, Stephen Harper finally surfaced on Tuesday.

And there was nowhere left to hide.

Asking direct, no nonsense questions, New Democrat leader Tom Mulcair refused to let Stephen Harper off the hook for Conservative Senate scandals and ethical lapses.

Watch Tom Mulcair take on Stephen Harper and share the video on twitter, facebook and email.

Watch the video

New Democrats are asking simple, straightforward questions – but Stephen Harper can’t answer them.

He can’t answer why Conservative senator Mike Duffy claimed $90,000 in false travel expenses from Canadian taxpayers. Or why the prime minister’s own chief of staff wrote a personal cheque to cover the bogus expense claims after Duffy was ordered to pay them back.

You and I both know it’s time to abolish the unelected, unaccountable Senate and put an end to its ever-growing list of scandals.

In less than one week, over 15,000 Canadians sent a clear message by signing our petition to abolish the Senate, and roll up the red carpet once and for all.

Now we need your help to keep up the fight. Spread the word and share this video with your friends.

We can’t let Stephen Harper sweep another Senate scandal under the rug.

Help keep the pressure on. Let’s make sure every Canadian sees this video today.

Nathan Rotman
National Director
Canada’s New Democrats



Elizabeth May, Leader of Green Party

House of Commons
May 30, 2013
Point of Order - Rights of a Member of Parliament

Mr. Speaker, I am grateful to the hon. House Leader of the Official Opposition for raising this point of order yesterday, objecting to the unusual procedures that were accepted within the Standing Committee on Finance, in relation to the clause-by-clause treatment of Bill C-60, the 2013 omnibus budget bill.

Prior to his point of order, I was struggling with a dilemma: I was certain there was an effort to undermine my rights as an individual member of Parliament and yet there had been no formal challenge. I was not sure how to approach this, Mr. Speaker, and to put before you the ways in which I found that procedure unacceptable. I really very much appreciate that the official opposition saw fit to raise its concerns that those procedures and the procedures adopted–novel procedures, mind you–before the Standing Committee on Finance did not comport to parliamentary rules and practice and went beyond the mandate of the committee.

[Read rest of speech or watch online…]


Supporting Animals: FROM Humane Society International TO You The situation is critical | They need you now


The dogs were weak and in terrible condition when they were rescued. Found crammed into small wire cages, they were emaciated, dehydrated, flea ridden, and injured. Many suffered from disease, and some were already dead. They were victims of Southeast Asia’s horribly cruel dog meat trade.

Today, the surviving dogs are being cared for at Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom rescue shelter. But the situation is still critical for the animals. More than 1,000 have contracted the deadly distemper virus, and now hundreds have died and more are at a critically high risk.

That’s why our veterinary team is on the scene right now, urgently treating the animals to stop the spread of disease and provide desperately needed relief. Please help us save these animals from their suffering — make an emergency donation today.

Our team has been working nonstop after arriving from the Philippines earlier this week. We’re treating the sick and injured animals on site, and working as quickly as possible to relocate the healthy dogs — those immediately available for adoption — to keep them free from disease.

In addition to providing critical veterinary support, HSI also is offering guidance in the construction of more shelters to house the rescued dogs once they’re on the mend, with the ultimate goal of adoption.

We, along with a strong international coalition, are helping these animals right this minute — and we’re also committed to fighting the grisly dog meat trade to protect others from the same fate. Your special donation today will go far to help save these animals and support our work to fight the cruelty.

Like the dogs we’re treating right now, animals caught in the horrific dog meat trade suffer enormously. They may be stolen from their families or snatched from the streets. They’re housed for days in holding facilities. They’re stuffed into small, rusty cages and loaded onto trucks for transport in the dead of night. During the entire time, they have little to no access to food or water. Their misery is extreme.

Together with our partners — Soi Dog Foundation, Animals Asia and Change for Animals Foundation in Thailand, and Network for Animals and AWI in the Philippines — HSI is taking on this brutal trade that causes the immense suffering of dogs.

You can help. Please consider donating to Humane Society International today to save these animals and others from a terrible fate.

Thank you so much for caring about animals.

Andrew sig.gif
Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

P.S. If you want to help these animals today and protect others from the dog meat trade, make your special donation right now.

Ugh. Fox has done it again.

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What do Lou Dobbs and Fox think is the biggest threat facing our society? Working moms.

Yep. You read that right.1

On Wednesday, an all-male panel on Dobbs’ Fox Business show was absolutely panicked over a new Pew study that shows women are the primary breadwinners in 40% of American households.2 In their hysteria, they opined that having women as primary breadwinners is “bad for kids, bad for marriage,” “catastrophic,” and will “undermine our social order.” One panelist, Erick Erickson, even said that “science” dictates that men are dominant over women.

Earth to Dobbs: This is not Leave It to Beaver. Working is a fact of life for most women, just like it is for most men.

The video of Dobbs and company blaming working mothers for the disintegration of society is spreading like wildfire online and across media outlets. Even Fox’s female hosts and reporters are speaking out.The reaction is clear: people are tired of this garbage on our TVs.

We can’t let Fox and Dobbs get away with this degrading, ignorant, anti-woman rhetoric on television. More Americans watch Fox News and its affiliates than any other cable news network4–what their panelists say is influential to tens of millions of people. If we all speak out, we can make sure Dobbs and his all-male panel are held accountable. Will you sign the petition demanding Fox fire Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams?

Add your name to the petition.

And this isn’t just a problem isolated to Dobbs’ show–it’s all over Fox. Host of Fox News program ‘The Five’,” Eric Bolling, said the increase in women’s earning power was actually a symptom of the “breakdown of the American family.”5

Lou Dobbs has said inflammatory things about women on Fox outlets before.6 And prior to his gig on Fox Business, he was known for xenophobic rants about immigrants on his CNN show.7

Dobbs is one of the worst examples of an old conservative who’s terrified of anything changing and just wishes the entire country were a Leave It To Beaver episode.

But reality is very different than Dobbs’ hysterical fantasy: women working outside the home is not destroying society. The divorce rate has been decreasing over the last 20 years, and Americans are happier than ever.8 The real problem is that while more women are the primary breadwinners at home, they’re still earning less than their male counterparts at work ($0.77 to every dollar to be exact).9

It’s time Lou Dobbs went the way of all 1950s television–off the air. His sexist rants and panels have no place in the 21st Century.

The outrage is already so bad that Erick Erickson, one of Dobbs’ panelists, called people challenging his out-dated views “emo lefties” on his blog.10 If we act now, we can hold Lou Dobbs and his panel accountable. Will you sign the petition demanding Fox fire Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams?

Sign the petition.

Thanks for speaking out.

–Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the UltraViolet team

Lou Dobbs and several of his guests hysterically claimed that working moms are ruining America. Tell Fox News to fire Lou Dobbs and his guests for their ignorant, anti-woman comments.

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Petition and boycott: Nike

Last year an 18-year-old named Navruz Muyzinov was beaten to death by police in Uzbekistan. His only crime: getting sick and leaving the cotton field where he was working before he could meet his quota for picking cotton.

Sadly, Navruz’s story is not unique. Every year, more than a million men, women, and children in Uzbekistan are forced by their government to work in the state-run cotton harvest. Those who speak out or resist are routinely harassed, detained, and tortured.

The Uzbek regime can only get away with these crimes because a South Korean conglomerate called Daewoo International continues to buy slave-grown Uzbek cotton. Uzbek dissidents and human rights activists around the world have called on apparel companies to boycott Daewoo as long as it profits from slavery. Many retailers have agreed — but Nike has refused.

Tell Nike: Stop doing business with companies that profit from slavery.

This isn’t the first time we’ve targeted big apparel brands that turn a blind eye to forced labor in the Uzbek cotton industry. Earlier this year, more than 70,000 SumOfUs.org members called on H&M to cut ties with Daewoo, and the company agreed, implementing a rule that prevented its suppliers from doing business with Daewoo.

Our friends at the International Labor Rights Forum tell us that Daewoo is already panicking about the rising global outcry over its dealings in Uzbekistan. If we can get another high-profile company to cut ties, Daewoo will have to seriously reconsider doing business with the repressive government of Uzbekistan. Daewoo’s cotton processing facilities are vital to the state-run cotton industry in Uzbekistan, so if it pulls out it will deal a huge blow to the ability of the country’s leaders to profit from forced labor. And we already know that we can make corporations listen.

Nike promised to help eliminate forced labor in the Uzbek cotton industry, but the International Labor Rights Forum caught it purchasing from a Daewoo factory, despite the call for a boycott. Nike has spent more than a decade trying to reassure customers about how it treats workers in its supply chain — if Nike expects us to take its promises seriously, it needs to institute stricter rules ensuring that it doesn’t do any business with companies that are profiting from slavery.

Sign our petition to Nike: If you want to stop slavery, prove it — cut ties with Daewoo now!

Thanks for your support,
Claiborne, Rob, and the team at SumOfUs.org

Nike is refusing to join a global boycott of companies that profit from slavery.

The sportswear giant could score a huge victory for human rights — but it will only act if consumers speak out!

Sign the petition

More Information:

Letter from Uzbek dissidents to Nike: Cut Ties with Slave Cotton companies, ILRF, April 17, 2013


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Happy Friday, friends! Feast your eyes and brains on some of the best stuff on the Internet today:

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Basketball Fans Attacked A Couple For Being Too Gay. Now Enjoy The Best Protest Ever.


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Greenpeace Canada May e-newsletter

Calendar contest!

We’d like to invite you to share your best calendar-worthy images with us! Greenpeace Canada’s desk calendar is an annual tradition, sent out to thousands of our supporters every year. The calendar is filled with photographs of our natural world, and the creatures we share our planet with. The calendar helps to remind us why the world needs Greenpeace: to help preserve our Earth and our environment. The chosen images will appear in the 2014 Greenpeace Canada desk calendar.

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© Greenpeace’Turtley’ awesome news!

Another major tuna brand has committed to stop sourcing from destructive fisheries. Sealord, a New Zealand brand, joined the ranks of those committed to protecting sharks, turtles and baby tuna! Canadian brands are following suit with the exception of three.

» See how Sealord went from ocean destroyer to ocean hero


© GreenpeaceStephen Harper + Arctic=?

As the new head of the Arctic Council, Stephen Harper can choose to protect the region from oil spills, overfishing and further climate change devastation. Unfortunately, our Prime Minister thinks oil is the way of the future. Join us and tell him the Arctic is too precious to risk losing.

» Tell Stephen Harper: no Arctic oil


© GreenpeaceCycling towards green energy

The ‘Ride for Renewables’ rode from the Pickering nuclear station to Darlington to remind the Ontario government that many people want affordable renewable energy rather than keeping the aging Pickering reactors running.

» Tell Premier Kathleen Wynne to close Pickering nuclear station