Gros Morne National Park is under threat!

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Dear Axcella,

As you may have heard in the news (on CBC and CTV, among others) a major threat has emerged to Newfoundland’s spectacular Gros Morne National Park.

Controversial oil fracking operations are being proposed within meters of the park!

Our parks team has been active and in front of media today, drawing the public’s attention to the harm this could cause to this magnificent park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

CPAWS is also preparing a campaign with local groups to ensure Gros Morne’s long-term health and protection. Our aim is to talk to the 180,000 people who will be visiting to park this summer to invite them to join us speaking out in support of protecting Gros Morne’s spectacular beauty and unique ecological features.

You can help us to make this campaign a success. Please consider donating to CPAWS now. Every dollar contributed by people like you, who care about Canada’s parks, will help us to get this campaign off the ground!

We believe that proper stewardship and protection of national parks like Gros Morne is of the utmost importance, and that fracking for oil along the Gros Morne coastline would put the park’s spectacular wilderness at risk.

As we build our campaign, we need your help. Your contribution will help us to reach out to local community members, tourists, Canadians across the country, UNESCO, industry and government decision-makers, to engage them in driving home the message that Gros Morne’s pristine nature must be protected, now and forever!

Please donate now, to help our team take on this worthy challenge!

As this campaign progresses, we’ll be keeping you informed of any updates and ways to get involved and take action.

Sincere thanks for making a difference,

Alison Woodley
CPAWS Parks Program Director

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