Posted by Linda Camac (campaign founder)

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It’s true. The presence of wolves in Yellowstone National Park generates thirty-two million dollars per year in revenue!

One can safely wager that everyone who is reading this has a deep appreciation for wildlife of all kinds—but I would wager further that most wildlife enthusiasts have wolves at the top of their list of animals they would most want to see in the wild. After all, what animal represents ‘the call of the wild‘ more than wolves?  Millions of tourists from around the world, as well as hoards of nature photographers are devout fans and followers of the wolf packs of Yellowstone;  with admissions into the park increasing into the stratosphere since the reintroduction of the wolf!

From the Jack London stories we read and loved as children, to realizing the admirable traits of wolves (like cooperation and loyalty to family), wolves have become much more to us than a wildlife resource which keeps nature in balance.   Wolves represent that part of us that was once totally free from societal demands….a distant memory still in our DNA that longs for the value of complete freedom.

Although man’s attitude toward wolves has been nothing less than dual in nature — from admiration to disdain — wolves don’t really care what we think of them. They are free from caring about human judgement. The iconic symbol of a free-spirited nature, the howl of the wolf is said to be the soul of the wild….and when you hear the howl of wild wolves, you know you are in the true wilderness.While in the wilderness, if you should look into the eyes of a wild wolf…you will experience an instant recognition and a distant connection. You would have shared a moment in time with God’s dog.

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