Iceland poised to kill whales

Icelandic whalers have plans to hunt endangered fin whales
Urge the U.S. government to take a stand against the hunt
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HSI Fin Whale and Calf

  May 23, 2013
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Fin whales have been endangered ever since whaling decimated their numbers in the 20th century. Today they face even more human-made threats — from pollution to climate change, fishing gear entanglement, and ship strikes, among others.

Now, these amazing animals are being targeted by whalers’ harpoons once again as Iceland prepares to resume its commercial hunt of this species this summer — a cruel hunt that involves harpooning the whales.

These peaceful and endangered animals should not be made to suffer and die, only to end up on someone’s dinner plate—take action today!

There is little market for the meat in Iceland, so most of it is destined for Japanin defiance of both the global moratorium on commercial whaling and the international ban trade in whale meat.

Diplomatic efforts to get Iceland to stop have failed. The U.S. needs to take significantly stronger measures to put a stop to this slaughter by recommending trade sanctions against those responsible for the fin whale hunt.

Urge Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to take immediate action against the slaughter of endangered fin whales today.

Thank you for caring about whales.


Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International



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