Ten years of trans Pride at Sherbourne Health Centre

Xtra!, Canada
NEWS / Annual event to welcome two-spirit researcher Raven Sinclair
Cameron Greensmith / Toronto / Friday, May 24, 2013The Sherbourne Health Centre is preparing to host the 10th annual
Trans, Genderqueer, Intersex and Two-Spirit Pride Day.

The May 29 event began as a response to transphobia in Canada and aims
to showcase cultural diversity within Toronto’s trans and queer

This year’s event will feature a workshop on two-spirit identity,
communication and community building led by Raven Sinclair, a
two-spirit researcher and practitioner based at the University of

Sinclair notes the importance of the event for “two-spirited people
and their allies, since they experience multiple oppressions and often
feel disempowered.

“My goal,” she says, “is to help people find a sense of grounding and

Sinclair says she hopes to explore ways for participants to cope with
internalized oppression.

Sinclair’s goal of empowering participants is tied to the foundation
of the event, says organizer Rupert Raj, a psychotherapist at the
Sherbourne Health Centre. Raj says organizers created it after Tammy
Starlight, an aboriginal trans woman, started a trans remembrance day
in Vancouver. Starlight asked the Sherbourne Health Centre to take
action to raise awareness of the trans experience in Canada.

Over the past decade, the event has expanded to include the
experiences of intersex, genderqueer and two-spirit people. The Pride
day now encourages artists, musicians and performers from these
communities to showcase their vitality and resilience.

Those interested in participating in Sinclair’s workshop, which takes
place Wed, May 29, 1 to 4pm, must register in advance with the
Sherbourne Health Centre.

Contact Yegi at ydadui@sherbourne. on.ca (416-324-5078) or Max at
mcarney@sherbourne. on.ca (416-324-5070) .

Trans, Genderqueer, Intersex and Two-Spirit Pride Day
Wed, May 29, 1-4pm
Sherbourne Health Centre
333 Sherbourne St
sherbourne.on. ca <http://www.sherbour ne.on.ca/>

©2013 Pink Triangle Press

http://www.xtra. ca/public/ Toronto/Ten_ years_of_ trans_Pride_ at_Sherbourne_ Health_Centre- 13610.aspx


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