Elizabeth May, Leader of Green Party

House of Commons
May 30, 2013
Point of Order - Rights of a Member of Parliament

Mr. Speaker, I am grateful to the hon. House Leader of the Official Opposition for raising this point of order yesterday, objecting to the unusual procedures that were accepted within the Standing Committee on Finance, in relation to the clause-by-clause treatment of Bill C-60, the 2013 omnibus budget bill.

Prior to his point of order, I was struggling with a dilemma: I was certain there was an effort to undermine my rights as an individual member of Parliament and yet there had been no formal challenge. I was not sure how to approach this, Mr. Speaker, and to put before you the ways in which I found that procedure unacceptable. I really very much appreciate that the official opposition saw fit to raise its concerns that those procedures and the procedures adopted–novel procedures, mind you–before the Standing Committee on Finance did not comport to parliamentary rules and practice and went beyond the mandate of the committee.

[Read rest of speech or watch online…]



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