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European Union announces bee-friendly regulation

There’s quite a buzz about some toxic chemical regulation coming out of Europe. At the outset of May, the European Union announced it would impose a temporary ban on the use of neonicotinoids – ‘bee-harming’ agricultural pesticides that are blamed for dramatically declining bee populations worldwide and subsequently hurting commercial agriculture.
The proposal will restrict for two years the use of three types of neonicotinoids that are commonly used on flowering crops – things like sunflowers and corn – which bees feed on. The decision was based on new research showing the risks associated with the use of the three pesticides on bee health. A final decision on the ban will be made by the European Commission, the European Union executive, in the coming weeks.

Pesticides aren’t great news for us either. Human exposure to pesticides has been linked to a whole host of adverse health problems – endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental problems, asthma and poor respiratory health, and even cancer, to name a few. So we’re happy to see movement to reduce the use of these toxic chemicals and hope to see more action here at home as well.

(photo credit: From Flickr user: Bob in Swamp)

Flame retardant farewell in Europe

There’s more good news coming out of Europe! A summit on chemicals and hazardous waste in Geneva earlier in May marked the first joint meeting of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions (three international treaties that govern chemicals and hazardous waste) and was aimed at strengthening international chemical safety and protection from toxic chemicals.

The meeting ended in success, with an agreement to gradually phase out the flame retardant HBCD, which is widely used in building insulation, furniture, cars and electronics. HBCD and other flame retardants are “persistent organic pollutants” – chemicals which linger in the environment, enter the food chain and thereby pose risks to human health and the greater environment. Phasing out HBCD internationally is good news because persistent pollutants cross borders, so bans should too.

Find out more about how to avoid flame retardants and other toxics in your home with our Toxic Nation guide to Alternatives in Your Home.

Get summer-ready at the Eco-Beauty Market

If you’re in Toronto on June 15th, be sure to swing by the Central YMCA and stock up for summer at the Just Beautiful Eco-Beauty Market!

Come sample and shop for haircare, skincare and cosmetic products, talk to green beauty experts, find non-toxic sun protection products, and get the Toxic Ten chemicals out of your personal care routine. Shopping at the Eco-Beauty Market is good for you and good for the environment; a portion of all sales will be donated to support Environmental Defence‘s Toxics Program.

For more information on the event visit our Just Beautiful page. See you there!

Tip of the Month: Greening your spring cleaning

Check out our May Tip of the Month for some helpful tips to keep your house clean and protect your family from toxic chemicals at the same time.



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