Stephen Harper, Stop Buying Ads for Programs That Don’t Exist!

Stephen Harper, Stop Buying Ads for Programs That Don't Exist!

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The Conservative Government of Canada is spending a lot of money advertising a Job Grant Program that doesn’t even exist yet.

Recently, prime time ads began airing during NHL playoff hockey.  These are the most expensive advertising times available – a 30-second spot on Hockey Night in Canada costing up to $95,000.  So why are Stephen Harper’s Conservatives potentially spending millions of dollars to advertise a program that is little more than a concept?

The Canada Jobs Grant, which was released as a concept, hasn’t been negotiated with the Provincial Governments, and still requires buy in from employers.

With the future of the program uneasy, Canadians are surprised at the advertising spend.

Tell Stephen Harper to stop this foolish spending.  Canadians don’t want to see dollars being spent to promote a program that we may never benefit from.  The Conservatives continue to mismanage large sums of money and Canadians demand accountability.

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper;

Canadians value the efforts that the Canadian Government is putting into job creation.  The Canada Jobs Grant will likely be another tool that can be used to boost the economy and improve employment rates.

However, the misguided spending that has been reported is concerning and shows mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.

We urge you and your Government to review the massive spending on prime time commercials.  Ads that are promoting a program that is, at this time, little more than an idea.

Stop wasting taxpayer’s dollars on high priced media.

Concerned Canadians

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