Supporting Animals: FROM Humane Society International TO You The situation is critical | They need you now


The dogs were weak and in terrible condition when they were rescued. Found crammed into small wire cages, they were emaciated, dehydrated, flea ridden, and injured. Many suffered from disease, and some were already dead. They were victims of Southeast Asia’s horribly cruel dog meat trade.

Today, the surviving dogs are being cared for at Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom rescue shelter. But the situation is still critical for the animals. More than 1,000 have contracted the deadly distemper virus, and now hundreds have died and more are at a critically high risk.

That’s why our veterinary team is on the scene right now, urgently treating the animals to stop the spread of disease and provide desperately needed relief. Please help us save these animals from their suffering — make an emergency donation today.

Our team has been working nonstop after arriving from the Philippines earlier this week. We’re treating the sick and injured animals on site, and working as quickly as possible to relocate the healthy dogs — those immediately available for adoption — to keep them free from disease.

In addition to providing critical veterinary support, HSI also is offering guidance in the construction of more shelters to house the rescued dogs once they’re on the mend, with the ultimate goal of adoption.

We, along with a strong international coalition, are helping these animals right this minute — and we’re also committed to fighting the grisly dog meat trade to protect others from the same fate. Your special donation today will go far to help save these animals and support our work to fight the cruelty.

Like the dogs we’re treating right now, animals caught in the horrific dog meat trade suffer enormously. They may be stolen from their families or snatched from the streets. They’re housed for days in holding facilities. They’re stuffed into small, rusty cages and loaded onto trucks for transport in the dead of night. During the entire time, they have little to no access to food or water. Their misery is extreme.

Together with our partners — Soi Dog Foundation, Animals Asia and Change for Animals Foundation in Thailand, and Network for Animals and AWI in the Philippines — HSI is taking on this brutal trade that causes the immense suffering of dogs.

You can help. Please consider donating to Humane Society International today to save these animals and others from a terrible fate.

Thank you so much for caring about animals.

Andrew sig.gif
Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

P.S. If you want to help these animals today and protect others from the dog meat trade, make your special donation right now.


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