50 Myths About Transgender People

ChicagoPride. com, IL, USA
What’s the T
by Kinley Preston
Top 50 Myths About Being Transgender:

1. Being transgender is a choice.
2. Gender and sexuality are the same thing.
3. All trans people are men in dresses.
4. Trans people can’t have families.
5. Trans people are just transvestites.
6. All trans people are really gay.
7. All trans men are butch/extremely masculine and all trans women are
extremely feminine.
8. All trans women have breast implants.
9. Trans women are all sex workers.
10. Trans women transition just to have access to more sex partners.
11. All trans people are male-to-female; female-to-male trans people
don’t exist.
12. All trans people want surgery.
13. You aren’t a real trans person if you don’t want surgery.
14. Being a trans person is extremely rare (see Prevalence).
15. You aren’t really a trans person until you start HRT.
16. All trans people are sex addicts.
17. All trans people are interested in sex.
18. Trans women transition because they weren’t successful as a male.
19. Trans men transition because they weren’t successful as a female.
20. Trans women want equality just so they can sneak into women’s
bathrooms or other women’s- only areas.
21. If you don’t feel like your gender was wrong from a very early
age, you aren’t a real trans person.
22. It’s always just a phase. It can be cured by religion, drugs, peer
pressure, etc.
23. Everyone is trans in the same way.
24. Trans men transition to get male privilege and trans women try to
gain female privilege while retaining male privilege.
25. People are trans solely because of poor parental role models.
26. People are trans because they aren’t religious enough.
27. Your outer shell defines who you are.
28. Your genitalia define who you are.
29. Being transgendered automatically means going to Hell.
30. All trans people think/act the same way.
31. Trans people aren’t “real” men/women.
32. Only rich, privileged people are transgender.
33. Trans people are protected under federal anti-discrimination laws
in the U.S.
34. Trans people can be cured by conversion therapy.
35. Gender is just an abstract concept so transition is not necessary
and always misguided.
36. Feminists who believe in deconstructing gender will always support
trans women.
37. Cis-gendered people won’t keep moving the goalposts as soon as you
reach them.
38. People who want GRS are simply amputation fetishists.
39. If you want GRS, this is a type of self-harm or self-mutilation,
removing “healthy” tissue.
40. Trans people are just like anorexics – they are simply deluded
about their own bodies being “wrong” .
41. It is okay to allow transphobia and cissexism to continue because
being trans is somehow wrong/evil/sinful.
42. Psychology invented transexualism as a way to make queer and
gender non-conforming people into straight, conforming people.
43. Being in an unaltered body is more moral than being in an altered one.
44. Being trans is just like being schizophrenic – they are both just
hallucinations and delusions, so transition should be prohibited.
45. Gender is either masculine or feminine; trans people are just
confused between the two.
46. There are no religions which accept being trans.
47. Teens and younger people are not old enough to know their gender identity.
48. Trans people are deceiving others about their “true” gender.
49. Your sex can be clearly defined by your chromosomes and/or hormones.
50. Transsexual, transgender, transvestite and intersex are all the same thing.

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