David Suzuki Foundations ask you Get radically Canadian with us!

Get radically Canadian with us

Get radically Canadian with us!

Dear Axcella,

I’m writing to ask you to take a moment to do something radical.

Please take a stand for nature in Canada by becoming a monthly donor to the David Suzuki Foundation. It takes just two minutes online.

Why radical? Last year, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources called environmentalists “radicals.” He said we are harming the economy. As if our economy is not entirely dependent on a healthy planet!

Angered by the federal government’s continued disregard for the environment, many people have come forward to declare themselves radically Canadian and join the David Suzuki Foundation as monthly donors. The impact they are having is tremendous.

If it’s radical to:

  • Find a path to a low-carbon energy future
  • Take a responsible approach to natural resource development
  • Protect nature, knowing we are dependent on it for our own health
  • Defend informed debate and policies based on independent science
  • Safeguard communities from toxic pollution
  • Work tirelessly to leave our country a better place for the next generation

…then yes, it’s time to get radically Canadian.

Please help us shift the balance of power back into the hands of Canadians who care about the future and who understand that what we do to this planet, we do to ourselves.

Even $5 or $10 per month will make a difference.

Between now and Canada Day, you will hear from a couple of our friends about how donor support has led to significant environmental gains and why monthly donors are vital to help us respond quickly to urgent crises, and take on ambitious long-term projects.

It’s time for us to get radical. Radically Canadian.

A picture of Peter RobinsonWith thanks,

Peter Robinson's Signature

Peter Robinson
CEO, David Suzuki Foundation

Radically Canadian Sticker

P.S. We are seeking 1,000 new monthly donors by July 1, Canada Day. Every new monthly donor will receive a limited-edition radically Canadian sticker! Thank you in advance for taking a stand for Canada’s environment.



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