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June 2012

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After a deadly tornado hit on May 20, IFAW‘s Disaster Response Team went to Oklahoma City to help reunite pets and their owners. Our hard work paid off. We saw the incredible joy of these families, some of whom had lost almost everything they owned, when they hugged the beloved cat or dog they thought would be missing forever.

When a second deadly tornado struck Oklahoma on May 31, our Disaster Response Team focused on a new mission. Many mammals and birds were injured and displaced by high winds and habitat destruction. We’re working side-by-side with The WildCare Foundation to build new enclosures and provide emergency medical care for injured wildlife.

IFAW responded when the animals of Oklahoma needed help, and we will be there as long as we are needed. But we can’t do it without you. You can help the animal victims of these deadly tornados.

WildCare is a wildlife rehabilitation center where thousands of wild animals native to Oklahoma are nursed back to health and released into the wild each year. But their staff was overwhelmed when animals needed help after the destructive tornados. IFAW wildlife rehabilitation experts Diane Treadwell and Kelly Donithan are there right now, tending to baby bobcats, fawns, songbirds, raptors and other animal victims of the tornados.

You’ve acted in the past to help animals. IFAW rescues and protects animals around the world. You can help our Disaster Response Team care for the tornados’ animal victims.

IFAW has the experience and expertise to take care of animals after natural and manmade disasters. People like you, people who love animals, make our work possible. You can help the animal victims of these devastating tornados and other animals in need around the world.

Reuniting pets and their owners, rehabilitating injured wildlife, helping animals whenever they are in need – that is the work of the IFAW team. I am so grateful to have you on that team.

Thank you,

Shannon Walajtys Shannon Walajtys signature

Shannon Walajtys
IFAW Manager, Disaster Response

P.S.: When there are emergencies like the Oklahoma tornados, IFAW needs to act fast. You allow us to help as many animals as possible.



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