Red Lion won’t bend on transgender grad’s name

York Dispatch, PA, USA

Transgender graduating senior Issak Wolfe’s name won’t be announced at
Red Lion Area High School graduation on Friday as he requested. The
district has informed the American Civil Liberties Union that Wolfe’s
legal name, Sierra Stambaugh, will be read instead, according to ACLU
attorney Molly Tack-Hooper.

Wolfe has been going by his male name in recent years, and he and the
ACLU had asked the name be honored by the district.

Tack-Hooper said the district was “unmoved by our request” and wants
to stick to legal names.

Tack-Hooper said Wolfe is in the process of legally changing his name,
but since he only turned 18 in April and it’s a lengthy process, he
hasn’t had time to complete it.

“The ACLU thinks it’s unfortunate the school has taken the path of
rigid adherence,” Tack-Hooper said.

Wolfe request: Wolfe previously said he understands the diploma itself
is a legal document and needs his legal name, but had hoped Red Lion
would be open to his name-reading request, since there’s no legal
obligation and he no longer identifies himself as a female.

The graduation ceremony is at 7 p.m. Friday, June 7, at the high school.

Last month, Wolfe’s gender identity became an issue when, he said, Red
Lion High School Principal Mark Shue changed Wolfe’s entry from Issak
Wolfe on the prom king ballot to Sierra Stambaugh, and put him on the
prom queen ballot.

Red Lion Superintendent Scott Deisley could not be immediately reached
for comment.

http://www.yorkdisp breaking/ ci_23387587/ red-lion- wont-bend- transgender- grads-name



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