Looks Like Beyonce Is NOT Pregnant

Looks like Beyonce is putting those pregnancy rumors to rest.

The singer, who has been facing dozens of reports that she’s expecting her second child with Jay-Z, may have proven once and for all that she’s not — that’s right, NOT — pregnant.
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The Right Words From the Right Celebs: Memorable Commencement Speeches
There are two things that distinguish the commencement address from most other oratory: the speaker’s passion and the audience’s hunger.By the time they’ve graduated, most college students have completed four years of grueling book learning and are eager to hear a more practical lesson about the real world into which they’re entering. Continue reading…
WATCH: How One Of America’s Greatest Illusionists Makes the Impossible, Possible
2013-06-07-08062013davidblaineTED.jpgLearning to hold my breath for 17 minutes was an exciting challenge, but here, there was no block of ice, or coffin lid, or even a deck of cards separating me from the crowd. Continue reading…
How Do You Offer Family Input Without Getting Pushed Away?
Generally speaking, offering unsolicited opinions about a family member’s relationship can be tricky, which is why it was so bold of Liam Hemsworth’s brothers to stage an alleged intervention about his relationship with pop star and Twitter icon Miley Cyrus. Continue reading…

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How David Blaine Prepared His TEDMED Talk: One Card at a Time
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgI pulled the card out from my pocket. It reminded me that famous or not, everyone gets scared when they risk failure — even David Blaine. Continue reading…
Writing The Last Ship
For nearly three years, I’ve been working on a new musical play called The Last Ship. The inspiration for it really stemmed from my album The Soul Cages that I wrote in 1990, which depicted the landscape of my hometown, Wallsend, in the Northeast of England. Continue reading…



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