What’s in your can of tuna?

David Suzuki Foundation


For World Oceans Day we’re shining a light on tuna to ensure they’ll be with us for generations to come. Sign the Seafood Pledge.

Many of us grew up eating tuna sandwiches and canned tuna is still one of the most widely sold seafood products in Canada. All of this eating contributes to a huge demand on a finite resource. It comes to us from around the globe and may contain high levels of mercury, cause excessive by-catch of other species, or be teetering on the brink of extinction. In Canada, scientists found a 69 per cent decline in the population of Atlantic bluefin tuna, qualifying it as an endangered species.

Did you know, it may not even be tuna you`re eating? Studies show that much of what is called tuna is another species.

Sign the Seafood Pledge

Commit to choosing only sustainably caught tuna by signing our seafood pledge. Find out which tuna is best for you, your family and the planet.

Together we can save our tunas and other marine life.

Commit to sustainable seafood

Donate Today

Support the David Suzuki Foundation! Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contributions go a long way towards protecting nature in Canada.



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