Audrey Mbugua takes transgender case to Medical Board

Standard Media, Kenya
Updated Wednesday, June 12th 2013
By Isaiah Lucheli

NAIROBI, KENYA: Audrey Mbugua who is suffering from Gender Identity
Disorder (GID) has taken her predicament to the Medical Practitioners
and Dentist.

Through the Trans Gender Education and Advocacy Association Mbugua has
filed submissions with the Technical Working Committee of the board
over the challenges faced by the individuals suffering from the

The board’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Daniel Yumbya and the
members of the committees however declined to allow Mbugua to attend
the sittings of the panel in person saying that she was an interested

Yumbya and the Chairman Dr Samson Wanjala told Mbugua that the
committee would have accepted any other member of the Trans Gender
association to attend the sessions but not her since her issue would
form part of the discussions.

Yumbya explained that two years ago the board had received a letter
from Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) requesting for an advisory
opinion over Mbugua’s condition and it would not be in order to
discuss the matter in her presence.

Mbugua agreed with the board had handed over the written submissions
for the Trans Gender association and explained that the submission
contained all the issues that affected the organization and all their
prayers and suggestions.

The Trans gender association wants the medical board to come up with a
policy framework to address the challenges faced by individuals
suffering from identity disorder and reactive depression.

Mbugua explained that the country lacked clear legislation and
guidelines to ensure that people who were suffering from the problem
to feel as part of the society.

She had gone to KNH requesting for an operation that would have
removed her male organ so that it could be fashioned to female
genitalia and had also sought for therapy with female hormones, which
prompted the hospital to seek advisory from the board.

Mbugua explained that she had tried to get medication and even
contorted her own solution to suppress male hormones in her body.

The committee comprises surgeons, psychiatrics, Kenya National
Commission on Human Rights, gynaecologists, Law Society of Kenya,
pharmacist, religious leaders among many others.

http://standardmedi articleID= 2000085802&story _title=kenya- s-transgender- case-goes- to-medical- board



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