Province to fund gender reassignment surgery

Halifax News Net, NS, Canada
Published on June 12, 2013

Transgender Nova Scotians will soon have gender reassignment surgery
funded by the province. Government committed today, June 12, that the
surgery will be covered by MSI.

Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson said he came to the decision
after reviewing the medical evidence and the policies of other
provinces that fund this procedure.

“Based on the values and direction this government has taken on the
issue, I am happy today to confirm funding for gender reassignment
surgery,” said Wilson. “This morning I met with members of the LBGTI
community to communicate this decision.

“Last November, the province enshrined transgender rights in
legislation. We don’t permit others to discriminate against
transgender people, and the funding of this surgery is an issue of
dignity, and equality for transgender Nova Scotians. I have tremendous
respect for the LGBTI community and would like to thank them for their
activism on this issue.”

Section 4.8 of the MSI Physician’ s Manual that prohibits funding for
this surgery will be immediately removed.

Nova Scotia will be the eighth Canadian province to cover gender
reassignment surgery.

“We were really happy to hear this commitment from the minister this
morning,” said Kevin Kindred, chair of the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action
Project. “In our view, it is the logical next step from the amendments
to the Human Rights Act that the government put in place late last
year, and we look forward to working with the minister further on it.”

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http://www.halifaxn News/Local/ 2013-06-12/ article-3274807/ Province- to-fund-gender- reassignment- surgery/1



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