from far away peach garden

Deer: California Mule Deer

by farawaypeachgarden

This deer looks lovely in my neighbor’s backyard hillside.

When he gets in my garden, it becomes a pest. Why? Because this deer, his family, his relatives and his buddies just love to eat rose buds and anything related to roses… Consequently, I have few rose photos to show off.


A California Mule DeerA lovely Deer

I am told one of the principal means of distinguishing the closely related black-tailed deer and white-tailed deer is the growth habit of the buck’s antlers. In the case of the California mule deer, the antlers fork in an upward growth, whereas the other species’ antlers grow in a forward direction.

A California Mule Deer

So this is a California Mule Deer.:-)


A California Mule Deer

A California Mule Deer


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