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Hydrangea (繡球)

by farawaypeachgarden

Summer is Hydrangea season at Peach Garden. We are in a sea of Hydrangea flowers…

This multi-colored plant is my favoriate! It came in an one gallon pot as a gift from a guest and grew to a 7-ft tall plant in a few years. I studied on how to prune the branches so summer after summer, it offers me plenty of blue, lavender, pink, purple and red blooms, all by just one Hydrangea plant.


HydrangeaMy Favorite Hydrangea


HydrangeaSee of Hydrangea Blooms

Then I delivered twin babies and didn’t step in my garden for about two years. When I saw my favorite Hydrangea plant again, it was half dying. 😦 Apparently, my brilliant gardeners just butchered the plant; they thought they were pruning roses… Also, gophers in the neighborhood might have something to do with the declining of my once glorious Hydrangea.


HydrangeaPurple Hydrangea Flower



HydrangeaPink Hydrangea Blooms


HydrangeaThese days, things are looking up. Hydrangea is native to China and its original name is 繡球 – Embroidered Flower Ball, which I think describes the flower more suitably.:-)


HydrangeaBlue Hydrangea Flowers



Long Live my Favorite Hydrangea!



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