A message from Mike Holmes

Get radically Canadian with us

I always say, “Make It Right.” Well, here’s our chance to do it.

Smart, long-term thinking and using our resources efficiently is the way to build something that lasts—whether it’s a construction project or a healthy planet with a sustainable future.

Let’s make Canada a leader in energy efficiency, responsible use of resources, green jobs for young people and innovation!

You can help make it happen. Join me in supporting the David Suzuki Foundation.

With your help, the independent, science-based perspective of the Foundation can help build a sustainable future.

Mike HolmesGet radically Canadian. By pledging just $5 or $10 a month you can support the Foundation’s research and advocacy for a clean, renewable energy future. Let’s invest in people, skills and technologies to create a prosperous green future.

Together, we can Make It Right!

Signature: Mike Holmes
Mike Holmes

Radically Canadian Sticker

P.S. Over 200 new donors have taken a stand for Canada this month. Please add your voice to theirs before the campaign ends on July 1 and get a limited edition “radically Canadian” sticker.



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