Gays Bullying Christians?, Women Orthodox

The Life Force of Jainism: When Kindness Takes on Revolutionary Dimensions
Each of us must make often difficult ethical decisions, choosing our priorities from a welter of imperatives. In Jain traditional ethics, applied compassion, tolerance, and restraint are key to such decisions. Continue reading…
Confronting the Vatican on the Rights of Children
In pursuing the truth about the Vatican’s response to child abuse committed by priests, the United Nations has the opportunity to hold the Holy See accountable to the standards accepted by all the signatories. Continue reading…
11 Digital Tools That Provide Spiritual Continuity
What happens when you can’t physically make it to the pew to hear the uplifting sermon or get to the meditation hall for a comforting prayer? At these times, rather than going to church, ashram, temple or mosque, a growing number of individuals are going digital. Continue reading…
‘Gay Lobby’ at the Vatican — Really?
A “gay lobby” at the Vatican? My first reaction to the leaking of the words of Pope Francis was, “If this Vatican ‘gay lobby’ is supposed to be working for me and the LGBT movement, we ought to fire them immediately!” Continue reading…
A Faith Voice Weighing In on Marriage Equality
Now is the time to dispense with the classic stereotype that religious leaders oppose same-sex marriage. A growing multifaith movement of religious leaders is helping the faithful understand how religious teachings and text compel celebration of LGBT people and relationships, not rejection. Continue reading…



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