Heat up your love making

Drop your boring routine and turn up the heat with these sexy ways to let him know you’re in the mood.

Add some adventure
“Play the win-win game: As relationships mature, we often become too risk averse, reducing a once-exciting adventure into a lackluster routine. So, one night, propose two new sexual options that specifically turn you on, and ask him to flip a coin. Give your winning idea a go, focusing on your own enjoyment. Not to worry, your guy will enjoy both your assertiveness and the newness, and will get turn soon enough. The next time, reverse the roles and it’s your turn to flip.” —Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane
Meet him for “lunch”
“Text your husband and tell him to meet you at home for lunch—when the kids are at school or with childcare for the day—so you can have a midday quickie. This is great for parents who typically don’t have a lot of alone time in their own home.”
Sex therapist Lisa Thomas
Hide your assets
“When you get home from work, put on a sexy, skimpy lingerie outfit that you know will drive your guy wild. Next, put on the thickest, fluffiest, ‘I don’t want to be touched’ looking bathrobe you can find and wear this all evening. When he least expects it…whip off your robe and show him your dirty little secret that you’ve been hiding all evening.”
—Certified sex expert and educator Nikki Ransom
Video chat
“When you’re both at home, on your respective computers just surfing the net, go in the bedroom and initiate a sexy Skype call. From stripping to touching yourself to taking a shower to showing him some sexy new lingerie, bring out your inner ‘amateur.'”
Sexuality counselor Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First
Plan a sneak attack
“The number one complaint men have about women in the bedroom is that they don’t initiate sex enough. My suggestion for women is to surprise your man with oral sex right when he walks in the door. Men dream of sexy sneak attacks that manifest in oral sex.”
—Sex and relationships expert Emily Morse
Give him a warm welcome
“When he gets home, welcome him in nothing but those hot high heels and without a single word direct his hands to his favorite part of your body.” —Holistic wellness coach Jovanka Ciares
Lather up
“Join him in the shower. You certainly are familiar enough with your guy’s schedule to know when he has to be somewhere on time and when he doesn’t. Pick a day when you know he has some time to spare, and surprise him by getting undressed and joining him in the shower. Take time to lather him up, get him ready, and pay attention to the spot he likes you to pay the most attention to. When you’re done, dry him off first and then yourself, and lead him back to bed.”
—Erotica author Darren Michaels
Take control
“Whether you invite him to pull over and park—high school style—because you have a special “surprise” for him, or access your inner dominatrix and have your way with him when he least expects it mid-afternoon, surprise sex will always make your partner smile. The bottom line is this: whenever you initiate sex with your man, it’s an opportunity to put away your career or mom persona and make him remember the sexy woman he couldn’t wait to devour when you first met. ”
—Marni Battista of Dating with Dignity


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