Calgary Flood Donation Drop Off Points and Wish Lists

Volunteer Calgary

We know that Calgarians are eager to help wherever they can, but according to Mayor Nenshi, the real need for volunteers is yet to come. We still have a big clean-up job ahead of us  and we will let you know when that time comes.

Volunteering update:Currently, the City of Calgary does not need volunteers. Check back for updates.

In the meantime, if you feel the need to help or live near one of these drop off locations and it is safe for you to get there, here are a few donation drop-off locations and wish lists for people wanting to contribute at this point in time.
Note: This blog is updated regularly

  • NeighbourLink’s doors are open Monday June 24, they have a BIG donation coming in between noon and 2pm so please no donations at that time.  and accepting donations of water, blankets, food, formula, cleaning supplies, buckets, mops and products…

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