Naheed Nenshi is one of the best mayors

Nenshi went 43 hours straight before finally sleeping. Here are his tweets from midnight night updating the situation:

“I’m home. Just a couple of things in the next few tweets before I finally get my #nap4nenshi:

1. I just returned from an aerial survey of the city. There are some pretty shocking water incursions. Clean-up will
Take a long time.

2. The extent of the power outages downtown mean that it’s extremely unlikely that people will be able to work downtown before mid-week.

3. While there is no boil water advisory, it would be very helpful if you restrict water use. Limit showers, let laundry, dishwasher wait.

3a. But tap water remains safe and clean. No need to stock up on bottled water.

4. If you are home in a non-evacuated area, please stay home. Avoid non-essential travel and straining infrastructure.

5. Do prepare for a potential power outage. Get your flashlight, find batteries candles and matches, charge your devices.

6. Fill your heart with gratitude for all the amazing public servants keeping us safe.

7. Follow @cityofcalgary for the latest news, even while I’m taking a nap4nenshi.

8. Know that we’ll get through this together. The spirit of Calgary has never burned more brightly.



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