Posts We Loved: “Wedding Tips for Marrying a German”

Have a gander.

The Daily Post

Every week we read scads of amazing content via our Reader — everything from personal think pieces to political diatribes, travelogues to photo essays. Sometimes a post makes us stop in our tracks and read (or view) it again. We’ll take a closer look at some of those pieces and what made them stand out, in the hope that we can all learn something about how to make our blogs the best they can be.

It’s not often that the description of a stranger’s wedding makes us laugh so heartily. Reading Oh God, My Wife Is German‘s post on his intercultural marriage, “Wedding Tips for Marrying a German: Five Things to Know before the Hochzeit,” had just that effect. There were no cake disasters, groomzilla episodes, or embarrassing toasts to make us snicker: the writer had to rely entirely on his power of observation and on his wit…

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