New Knight of Malta Dame is a transsexual

Sunday, 23 June 2013, 08:40
Martina Castellana

She was the first transsexual to be a candidate with the Right of
Centre alliance, the first to lead an equal opportunity committee, the
first to open a centre in the South of Italy for those suffering from
identity issues, and the first transsexual to get her feminine name
accepted on her ID Card.

Now she has become the first transsexual to be invested as a Dame in
the Order of the Knights of Malta.

Martina Castellana is a dermatologist from Salerno and likes to surprise people.

Her Facebook profile recently put up photos taken at her investiture
in Valletta.

Accompanied by her ‘Knight’, singer Sandro Giacobbe, she said that the
investiture was an award for her career as a doctor and her work in
the social and medical field.

Now, with the Cross of Malta around her neck, she is preparing a
second book, following her autobiography, Sulla mia pelle published a
year ago.

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http://www.independ articles/ 2013-06-23/ news/-new- knight-of- malta-dame- is-a-transsexual -1889501188/


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