Plan Canada e-newsletter – June, 2013 articles

Living life under water in Bangladesh

Story Image Can you imagine spending 5 months every year battling constant rain and flooding? No one wants to imagine that, let alone live that way. But for people living in Hatibandha, Bangladesh, that’s a reality. Flooding keeps children from school, farmers from farming and contaminates fresh water supplies. But Plan is helping to change the future of thousands of girls, men, women and children in Hatibandhaforever. [+] Learn more!

Diviya speaks up for girls’ rights

Story Image At a speech competition in Toronto, 11-year-old Diviya knocked the socks off everyone in the crowd – including us! In her Because I am a Girl t-shirt, she passionately spoke about girls’ rights in the developing world and how we have the power to change the future of girls. Diviya left a winner that day, but no one left as proud as her father – a Plan Canada donor himself. [+] Watch her speech!

A little help goes a long way for Bezawit

Story Image Bezawit was like most 9-year-olds. She dreamed of going to school and playing with her friends. But unlike most children, Bezawit was forced to stay at home and help her mother with housework instead of going to school. Fortunately, Bezawit’s life changed the day she was sponsored by a Plan donor. [+] Learn more.

Women cooking up change in Darfur

Story Image Each day is a challenge living in Zamzam, Darfur’s largest internally displaced persons (IDP) camp. Women and girls travel long distances to collect firewood to cook meals. The walk takes time, threatens their safety, and using firewood as fuel is dangerous. That’s why Plan is helping women make and use fuel-efficient stoves to keep their families nourished and safe. [+] Read more.

When life gives you sunflower seeds…

Story Image For three years, Pakistan was hit by severe floods, destroying the lives of anyone in its path. Crops were washed away and farmers left with nothing. But amid disaster, Plan distributed sunflower seeds to farmers looking to keep their livelihood afloat. The fast-growing crop has proven more than just beautiful – it’s become a lifesaver. [+] Learn more.

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