627,325 signatures did this


The #1 question we get asked at Change.org in Canada is: do petitions actually work?

We hope that these seven recent victories won on Change.org speak for themselves and, just maybe, inspire you to start your own petition.

Each of these victories represents a challenge or injustice overcome, a life made better or even possible — and it started with 627,235 people like you who took a few minutes to learn about someone else’s life and sign their petition.

Elementary school kids convince Crayola to “colour-cycle” old markers

When kids from Sun Valley School’s green team found out that Crayola makes half a billion markers a year, they started a petition asking Crayola to create a take-back program “to make sure markers don’t end up in our landfills, incinerators and oceans.” 91,498 signatures and one year later, Crayola agreed to create “ColorCycle,” a program that will accept used markers and convert them into a liquid fuel source.

Loblaws, Superstore, Walmart Canada, Sobey’s and Metro agree to phase out “cruel” gestation crates

After releasing a shocking undercover video in December showing the terrible conditions at a large Manitoba pig farm, Mercy For Animals Canada inspired 48,377 Change.org users to sign their petition demanding that major grocery stores phase “cruel gestation crates” out of their pork supply chains. The campaign scored one of the biggest animal welfare victories ever in Canada: all four retailers targeted in their petition (Loblaws/Superstore, Walmart Canada, Sobey’s and Metro), as well as a four additional large Canadian retailers have agreed to phase out gestation crates in favor of “alternative housing practices”.

And many more from across North America:

  • Self-professed “hockey mom,” Andrea Winarski wins a Canada-wide ban on body-checking in pee wee hockey after 1,462 people supported her petition.
  • With the help of 5,878 supporters, Tammy MacLaren convinces the Nova Scotia Government to begin covering the cost of insulin pumps for children under 19, and pump supplies for people up to age 25.
  • Friends of Sarah Murnaghan collected 373,276 signatures and ensured the 9-year-old received a lung transplant she desperately needed to survive.
  • After being left outside in subzero temperatures by Greyhound bus company, Ankur Singh started 90,208-signature petition leading Greyhound to agree to make sure stations are open for passengers.
  • Miri Peterson, Executive Director of Crystal Kids Youth Centre in Edmonton mobilized 16,140 people and stopped a body-rub parlour from moving in next door to her centre for vulnerable youth.
  • And many more…

In just a few minutes you can start a petition, share it with your friends, and be on the path to changing your city, province, or country. Click here to start your petition.

Good luck!



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