We all want to protect the children in our lives.

They need and deserve it.

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New report: Pre-polluted: A report on the toxic substances in the umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns

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We all want to protect the children in our lives. They need and deserve it.

But, a new report we released today shows that Canadian children are born pre-polluted, facing a slew of dangerous chemicals before they are even born. And that’s because the chemicals are common in our environment – this isn’t about what parents are doing wrong, but that government and industry are allowing these chemicals to pollute our homes, environment and our bodies.

We need you to help us call on government to get these chemicals out of our products and our environment.

The report, Pre-polluted: A report on toxic substances in the umbilical cord blood of Canadian newborns, gives the results of testing the umbilical cord blood of three anonymous newborns in the GTA and Hamilton. They show that Canadian babies are being exposed to toxic chemicals in the womb, some of which are linked to some pretty serious health issues such as cancer, lower IQ and thyroid problems. 137 chemicals were found, 132 of which are reported to cause cancer in humans or animals.

We tested for PBDES (flame retardants), PCBs, PFCs, Organochlorine pesticides, dioxins and furans and mercury and lead – chemicals that are pervasive in our environment. Some of these chemicals have been banned for years.

That’s why protecting our children from this type of exposure shouldn’t fall of the backs of Canadians. Government needs to get them out of our environment, and quickly.

The developing fetus is especially vulnerable to exposures to these chemicals, because it is growing rapidly and lacks the systems an adult has in place to process waste and flush out toxic chemicals.

It’s time for a significant change. We’re calling upon the government and industry to step up and help protect the health of all Canadians by removing harmful chemicals from the products we use. We’re also asking the government to establish clear, strict timelines for removing chemicals, for which phase outs have been announced, from the marketplace, and to test chemicals used in consumer products for toxic effects before they can be sold to Canadians.

You can help. Please read the report to learn more, sign the petition and visit Environmental Defence to find out more about how you can get involved.

Help Environmental Defence create a world Canadians are proud to pass on to their children
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