Drag queen fired from Toronto Pride for using blackface

Canadian performer claims she was not being racist when she was fired for playing a ‘big fat black’ American psychic character
04 July 2013 | By Joe Morgan
Canadian drag queen Daytona Bitch is being accused of racism.

A Canadian drag queen is furious for being fired from Toronto Pride after being accused of performing in ‘blackface’.

Daytona Bitch claims he was fired in an email from the marketing company that booked her for her 24 June performance.

According to 26 June email from Diamond Integrated Marketing, the performance was against the organization’s ‘longstanding commitment to diversity’.

The performer said the character, a black American psychic called Miss Cleo, was not offensive or even an example of blackface.

Speaking to Xtra, Bitch said: ‘I asked a couple people if it was offensive because it’s not blackface in my eyes.

‘I went to theater school. I know what blackface is. It was not a minstrel show. I was doing a character.

‘The people I asked at Crews & Tangos thought it was hilarious that I was dressed as a big fat black woman.’

The performer planned to read people’s fortunes as part of the act, but before the end of the night, photos were already circulating on social networking with some calling it a ‘racial minstrel show’.

Bitch wants ‘to apologize to those I offended’ but is now worried about ‘physical threats’ she has received on social media.

‘Now I don’t feel safe walking down the street,’ he said. ‘I’ve had a couple of threats from people’.

‘I feel that drag is supposed to be controversial, and it has been from the start,’ Bitch added. ‘The line exists to slightly dip your toe over. Maybe I went a little too far. I didn’t think I went too far.’

– See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/drag-queen-fired-toronto-pride-using-blackface040713#sthash.kRryk2a8.dpuf



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