I have a mental illness

I am sitting with a coffee at the Second Cup at 11640 104 avenue, Edmonton, Alberta. Checking my blog stats to find that Depression is one of the top issues read by my readers. Then followed by transgender issues. Which brings me to the conclusion that the things I experience are are of concern to you, my readers.
Every day I take my medications to assist me to make it through my day. I also take medicine for my hormones, panic attacks,  and anxiety. I diet to deal with my diabetes. Some times my day is off.
Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was drunk. My blood sugars were high. I put my whole life off balance. At one point I was advised to call for an ambulance, which I did. They recommended that I should go to the emergency, I refused since I have experienced a lot of negative experience related to my transgender issue.
Today I am feel like I have a hangover.
I know how sensitive my body is to being more proactive about my wellbeing.
My mind is off, my body, and soul. I am alone very few of my friends are free to visit. Makes it hard dealing with my overall wellbeing.
May you all have a great day. Time to go from here to home alone.



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