Find out how Canada’s parks are faring: New CPAWS report

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In the lead-up to Parks Day this Saturday, we’ve just released our 5th annual Parks Report – read the news release about it here. This year, we’ve found a mix of good news and bad news, in contrast to last year, when our report focused on the serious threats to our parks including drastic budget cuts to Parks Canada.

Among the good news: a huge new park in Québec which is now eastern North America’s largest protected area and Canada’s largest provincial park! The bad news? We’ve identified numerous emerging threats to some of our most iconic parks. The threat of oil fracking metres from Gros Morne National Park heads the list, along with ongoing concerns about federal budget cuts and inappropriate commercial developments in our national parks. Also, some provincial and territorial governments are backtracking on promises to create new parks and protected areas.

On a hopeful note, we’ve identified some major opportunities across Canada to create several spectacular new parks and protected areas in the next few years.

Read our news release to find out how our parks are faring in your region and right across the country.

You can also download a full copy of the report here.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society :: 506-250 City Centre Ave :: Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7
Photo: Nahanni karstlands, NWT. By Mike Beedell / CPAWS



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