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Why Driving for Lyft is Good for the Soul
A Lyft driver waxes poetic about the people he meets, the humanness of connecting with strangers and the fact that everyone has a story to tell.
Coliving Experiment Tests Sharing’s Potential
Three people test the limits of the sharing economy by weaving it into the fabric of everyday life, housing, work and community.
What Young People Really Want From Libraries
A recent survey found that what 16-29 year old Americans most want from libraries is more community and shared space.
10 Creative Ways to Reuse Extra Office Supplies
Help keep useful items from collecting dust or going to waste by finding creative ways to re-purpose office extras at home.
Rethinking Nature, Culture and Politics
Andreas Weber’s “Enlivenment” essay proposes a new perspective on the interplay of nature, humans and economy .
Upcoming Events
Here are just a few upcoming events. Check out more on the Events Calendar. Have an event to announce? Please send it in!

July 18, 5:30pm
Towards creating a not-for-profit world with Donnie Maclurcan
Melbourne, Australia

July 19-21
reRoute: Building Youth and Student Power for a New Economy
New York City, New York, USA

July 26, 7:30 pm
Collaborative Housing: an informal evening with the Shedders
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

July 26-29
Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

July 28, 10:00 am
Time Bank Training with Stephanie Rearick
Los Angeles, California, USA

August 4-9
The Care Economy: Building a Just Economy with a Heart
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

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