Demand Justice for Tortured Canadians

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After being tortured for hours by Mauritanian police, a young Canadian has been trapped in prison for more than two years.

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Stand Up for Tortured Canadian Overseas

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Punched. Kicked. Hit with pieces of wood until you lose consciousness. After hours of torment like this, most people would say anything to get the pain to stop. A young Canadian named Aaron Yoon confessed to conspiring with al-Qaeda after being arrested and beaten by Mauritanian police; he’s now trapped in Mauritanian prison.

According to human rights organizations, Mauritanian police arrested Yoon and then tortured him, eventually forcing a confession that has put him in a Mauritanian prison for two years.

“He was beaten repeatedly for what seemed an eternity; off and on for close to one hour,” wrote Amnesty International. “He was kicked, punched and hit with sticks of wood. Eventually he lost consciousness. When he awoke we was alone, in the same room; a small cell in total darkness with no windows.”

Guilty or innocent, torture is unacceptable. It’s an inhumane and unjust tool waged by corrupt international authorities. And it’s no guarantee of truth. Top interrogators say that torture victims will confess anything they think their captives want to hear, including, like Aaron did, that they conspired to commit acts of terrorism.

Canada needs to protect its citizens from horrific abuses of human rights like this. Call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to protect Aaron Yoon and other Canadians imprisoned internationally.

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