The 1000th Post

Well I made it to the 1000th post on my blog. I started this blog 2013/02/21 which was exactly 5 months ago.  The title was: the beginning ramblings whatever.  The first one to be viewed Inspire green living: Become a Queen of Green coach. on the same day. I wasn’t really expecting much to happen. I wished to my blog. Then I acquired a follower 4 months and  4 weeks ago, the first follower was Cole Ryan. The last person to follow me on WordPress letusbetravelers today. With a total of 176 followers. Including 67 Twitter, 164 Facebook, and 69 Tumblr followers. The total number of my followers 476 viewers.
I have enjoyed finding things to write about. I have been surprised by the response and the topics that are popular. Canada, United States, Transgender, LGBT, Trans woman, Edmonton, Facebook, Transgendered, Gender identity, and human rights.

I have even been nominated for The Liebster Award .

I look forward to the 1000 posts.



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