Exodus International vice president apologize

Exodus International vice president Randy Thomas has issued his own apology after its president Alan Chambers apologized and closed the organization
24 July 2013 | By Andrew Potts
Photo by Randy Thomas

The Vice President of the world’s largest ‘ex-gay’ therapy group has apologized for his role in the organization following its being shut down by Exodus International president Alan Chambers.

‘I apologize to the gay community for idealizing and reinforcing the institutional groupthink of Exodus,’ Exodus vice president Randy Thomas said in a public statement.

‘I apologize for remaining publicly silent about the hurt caused by some of Exodus’ leaders and actions.

I also apologize for my inexperienced participation in public policy, placing my personal ambition over truly serving the gay community as a Christian friend.’

Thomas’ comments have been welcomed by Anthony Venn-Brown of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International – himself a former ex-gay who underwent years of therapy while a Pentecostal preacher in Australia.

Venn-Brown attended the June conference where Exodus International president Alan Chambers announced the group would close.

‘It always makes a difference when you meet people face to face and get to know them personally,’ Venn-Brown said.

‘I have been in communication with Alan and Randy for some time, but attending the conference was the perfect opportunity to determine exactly where they were on their journey. In conversation with Alan I mentioned an interesting observation that since Alan had apologized to the LGBT community for the harm Exodus had caused it meant that now we both had the same enemies – those still holding on the ‘ex-gay’ philosophy and Christian conservatives.’

‘Randy’s apology … shows that Randy has done some very, very deep soul-searching. It is challenging for any individual to do such a personal inventory and be honest about the times they have done things from the wrong motives. But to then publicly come out and tell all is courageous and to be commended. Especially knowing the spectrum or reactions this will produce.

‘For some in the gay community these words will never be enough and Christian conservatives will attack Randy believing he has empowered the gay community by saying sorry.

‘Randy’s acknowledgment of that, regret and saying sorry is of great value to those who need to hear those words and will receive it.’’

Thomas has already received letters asking him, ‘why are you letting Satan win the battle,’ because of his apology.

Chambers created a major rift in the international ex-gay movement when he admitted in July last year that a person’s sexual orientation could not change.

– See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/exodus-international-vice-president-apologizes-harms-ex-gay-message240713#sthash.YMxMiEau.dpuf

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