Tell Wal-Mart Not to Punish Employees for Being Kind to Animals!

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A woman in Ontario was fired from her job at Wal-Mart after she confronted a customer about leaving his dog in a hot car.
Please sign the petition today! Tell Wal-Mart Not to Punish Employees for Being Kind to Animals!

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Before her shift one day, Wal-Mart employee Carla Cheney saw a man leave his dog in the hot car while he went shopping. She simply told him he shouldn’t do that, and that she would call the police if she saw it again. Then, she lost her job.

Her manager called her into his office to tell her to come to him if there were problems in the future. But what is the problem with reporting someone who is doing something that we all know can suffocate animals? Sign this petition in support of Cheney’s decision to stand up for dogs!

As temperatures rise throughout the summer, pets are put into grave danger when they are locked in hot cars. It is our duty as responsible citizens to report these cases. So why was Carla Cheney punished?

Please sign this petition telling Wal-Mart not to fire employees for looking out for the safety of animals.


Thank you for taking action,

Emily L.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team



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