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Dear Axcella,

In last week’s State of Canada’s Parks Report, we alerted you to a number of negative trends in our parks, and we told you about some recent conservation wins CPAWS helped achieve, and some great opportunities coming up for new parks in the near future.
The report made news across Canada!

Negative trends we need your help to reverse:

Immediate threat to Gros Morne
Exploratory drilling, “fracking” for oil and industrialization is being proposed metres from the park. If allowed to proceed, it will present a serious risk to park ecosystems, jeopardize a thriving local tourism economy, and could put Gros Morne’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at risk. CPAWS is already working with concerned local citizens in an effort to prevent this.

Inappropriate developments in our parks
Inappropriate developments are underway already in some of our national parks, including plans for heavy summer use of sensitive grizzly habitat on Banff’s Mount Norquay and building the massive, concrete Glacier Discovery Walk in Jasper National Park.

Governments failing to keep their commitments
Some provinces and territories are backing away from promises to create new parks and protected areas, notably in New Brunswick and the Yukon.

Please help us to protect our parks! Donate today to support our essential and ongoing work to speak out for Canada’s parks.

Conservation wins CPAWS helped achieve with your support:

Nova Scotia: leadership in wilderness protection

We have seen major progress by Nova Scotia towards expanding its parks and protect areas system by 250,000 hectares, meaning that province will move  into 2nd place nationally in protecting its lands and freshwater.

Saskatchewan & Manitoba: good news for parks

CPAWS also welcomed Saskatchewan’s announcement to create a new provincial park earlier this year and committed to create more – noting them as a cornerstone of the tourism industry. And Manitoba has announced a new strategy to strengthen protection of many of its existing parks and create or expand up to 10 more. 

Your contribution today is an investment in an organization that gets results!

Opportunities lie ahead… with your help:


As our report noted, we’re actively working on many exciting plans and proposals for new parks in areas including: 

• NWT’s Thaidene Nene, 

• Metro Toronto’s Rouge Valley, 

• BC’s highly threatened South Okanagan-Similkameen, 

• southern Alberta’s Castle Special Place,

• Quebec’s Dumoine River.

With your support, CPAWS can build upon the substantial work already done in these areas. We’ll continue to work diligently to ensure each becomes a success story for wilderness conservation!

Please consider making a donation today. You can feel good knowing that your contribution will help protect the nature you love.

Thank you for your generous support.

Yours in conservation,

Éric Hébert-Daly
National Executive Director



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