Ban This Pesticide Before it Kills More Tigers

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Poachers are using a readily available pesticide to kill tigers. The chemical is colourless, odourless and difficult to detect. Unless it’s banned, poachers will continue to use it to kill endangered wildlife.
Please sign the petition today! Ban Pesticide Used to Kill Tigers


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Indian poachers have been using the chemical Carbofuran to kill endangered tigers. Carbofuran is a clear, odourless substance used by potato farmers as a cheap pesticide. Because Carbofuran is so difficult to test for, poachers can kill with very little risk of being caught.

Please tell India to ban this pesticide so that poachers can no longer use it to kill tigers so easily.

Poachers fill animal carcasses with Carbofuran and leave them as bait for tigers to eat. The poachers then sell the tigers’ skin, teeth, nails and organs for huge profits. The chemical not only kills large cats, it also poses a threat to other wildlife that might ingest it. A small bird will die after consuming a single grain of the chemical.

The U.S., Canada and Kenya have already banned the deadly pesticide. We cannot risk the loss of any more endangered tigers, nor should we continue to enable the illegal trade in endangered species.

Please sign the petition to urge India to ban Carbofuran!

Colleen Thank you for taking action,

Colleen H.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team



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