Keep Walmart Out of Kensington Market!

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Kensington Market is a vibrant, irreplaceable part of Toronto’s history — it’s even a National Historic Site of Canada. But a proposed Walmart could ruin it forever.

Please sign the petition today!

Tell RioCan: Keep Walmart Out of Kensington Market!

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Kensington Market is a quirky, wonderful part of Toronto. Its multitudes of small, locally-owned businesses are a vital aspect of the area’s eclectic culture. But a proposed Walmart in the neighbourhood could ruin Kensington Market forever.

Canadian developer RioCan is trying to build a three-story shopping mall, including a huge Walmart, on the western border of Toronto’s Kensington Market. This will kill local businesses and change this vibrant neighbourhood for good.

The majority of Torontonians from all over the city are against the proposed Walmart. City Councilor Adam Vaughan even noted at a public meeting that Walmart is known to use predatory pricing and other practices that put small, independent stores out of business.

Those small businesses are the heart of Kensington. RioCan’s plans will effectively destroy them. Tell RioCan that you support Torontonians and are against big business in our communities!

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