Watch the ad CBC refused to play

On Monday and our partners at Friends of Canadian Broadcasting released a hard-hitting satirical video to raise awareness of the Harper Conservatives’ attempts to control the CBC.1

Within hours, news broke that the CBC itself had refused to run the ad, and media across Canada picked up the story.2 Now, almost 50,000 people have seen the video and everyday thousands more are joining the campaign to free the CBC from political interference.

If we work together we can use this video to reach more and more Canadians – and turn up the pressure on this government. Please click here and watch the video, sign the petition to repeal the CBC takeover clause, and then spread the word.

The Harper Conservatives hoped to slip the CBC takeover clause past Canadians by burying it in the back of their latest omnibus budget bill. The campaigning community joined with Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, SumOfUs and Avaaz to raise the alarm and show this government that they can’t tear at the fabric of our society without paying a steep political price.

Now that the budget has passed, we’re working on a new campaign to repeal the takeover clause. Over 50,000 people have already sent messages to Prime Minister Harper, Opposition leaders and their MP calling for the repeal and committing to make the CBC’s freedom a voting issue in the next election.

Together, we’re showing this government that we won’t let them control the CBC for their own partisan gain, and we’re here to stay. Please click here to watch the video, sign our new petition to opposition leaders and share.

The pro-democracy community now includes nearly 300,000 Canadians. By taking action together at key moments, we can strengthen all of our voices and hold governments accountable to values shared by a majority of Canadians.

It’ll only work if we do it together – so thank you for all you do.

With hope and respect,

Jamie, Cam, Sanna, Adam, Emma, Matthew and the whole team


[1] Watch the hard-hitting ad at (Preview)
[2] CBC rejects ad critical of Harper government’s influence on the CBC (Globe and Mail)

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