A Rare Dolphin is In Danger

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Chinese Indo-Pacific pink dolphins are extremely vulnerable to industrial expansion along Hong Kong’s and Taiwan‘s coasts. If they’re not legally protected, they will soon be a casualty of human excess.
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Dear Axcella,

The Chinese population of the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin is a rare species native to Taiwan and Hong Kong coasts that starts out grey-skinned, then turns a pretty, bright pink with age.

These intelligent, unique dolphins are falling victim to the noise and pollution of coastal industrial expansion, and no one seems to notice.

Pink dolphins tend to live only two to three kilometers from shore, but pollution is destroying their habitat. Like other dolphins, they have complex social structures and communicate through whistling, but boat and construction noise is drowning out their communication.

Tell legislators in Hong Kong and Taiwan to protect these dolphins!

New expansion projects show no signs of stopping, further threatening the dolphins’ environment. Creating legislation to reduce coastal development, pollution and excessive noise will make a healthier environment for both dolphins and humans. Please sign the petition to protect the pink dolphin.

Colleen Thank you for taking action,

Colleen H.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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