Justin Bieber or narwhals

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Greenpeace Canada July e-newsletter

Narwhals vs. Justin Bieber on the new Greenpeace podcast

We’ve launched a podcast! This month meet the mammal who’s as trendy as Justin Bieber, get wild in the Great Bear Rainforest and learn a word which sounds adorable, but really, really isn’t. Every month, you can listen to stories and conversations about the environment and activism from Greenpeace Canada on your phone or online!

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© GreenpeaceThe choice isn’t between trains & pipelines…

The choice is between dirty and clean energy. In the wake of the Lac-Mégantic disaster and the numerous recent oil spills, over 50 organizations from across Canada are calling on Prime Minister Harper to improve the safety of Canada’s oil transportation system.

» Help prevent this tragedy from happening again

© GreenpeaceThis 63-year old is just becoming an activist, find out why.

Meet Maggie, who after 40 years as a donor wanted to do something more and ended up going on a road trip, handling a (fake) polar bear and standing up for the Arctic on Parliament Hill!

» Read Maggie’s inspiring volunteer adventure

© GreenpeaceSix ordinary women did something extraordinary for the Arctic.

Watch a behind-the-scenes film that captures the build-up and the experience of six ordinary women who climbed the tallest building in Europe to protest against Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic.

» Watch the inspiring video!



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