Nearly Halfway there! Another Trans Tale by Toni D’orsay

885 Dollars raised so far, with under 1200 to go. Please help, please donate!

Making life better takes more than just a desire. It takes dedication, it takes effort, and it takes money. From clothing to food to shelter from the storm, This Is HOW provides a wealth of services that are desperately needed by a community that’s too often ignored.

We know that many trans people cannot afford to do so. So we ask those who are allies, who are friends, who care about the issues of homelessness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Aging, Youth, and ending toe persistent and often pernicious discrimination against trans people to help us, and to tell your friends about our work, our services, our goals.

We are struggling right now to provide simple basic needs for our clients, and need the time to be able to move forward and access the funds that are just now being made available.

A Trans Tale:

The first letter arrived six months earlier, and in it there was a sense of desperation, a longing. She was in prison, and was coming up for parole, something she desperately needed to escape the humiliation, the abuse, and the all too often mind numbing horrors she faced every day.

She needed some place to go, some place she could feel safe, some place where she would have a chance to make a change and improve her life as herself instead of the things she was being forced to be.

Without such a place, she would not be granted parole, she was told. She accepted the challenge, and spent hours pouring over possibilities, over options, and each time she found a wall, a block, a denial. Frustrated, she asked a counselor who had heard about a program that was out there. Together they looked it up, and found the information and so the letter came.

The second latter three months earlier, a panic and hope and desperation, that horrible feeling of knowing all your eggs are in one basket, and there was nothing you could do about it.

The day came for the hearing, and there was a person off to the side during the hearing. She never spoke, she smiled, and the board kept looking at her as the answers to the questions that were rote by this time came out.

Parole was granted, a letter included.

She arrived at the residence, and spent two weeks learning how to be free again, learning how to live again. Then she spent three months learning how to be again, and getting a job and saving money and making friends for the first time that didn’t care if she’d been in jail.

After five months, she was on her own, in an apartment, with a roommmate, and her parole was reduced because she had changed so much, and when asked, she always said it was because someone gave her a chance, believed in her when no one else would, and never let her stop believing in herself, even when she really wanted to.

This is the power of This Is HOW. We don’t do these things for fame or recognition, we do them to help people, to let people know they matter, and to give them the time and the strength and the skills to move forward.

We teach people to fish, and give them shelter from the storm while they learn.

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