Trans Tale and updates! by Toni D’orsay

Over a thousand dollars raised so far — just under 1500 to go. Eight years of services to 15,000 people in an area larger than 3 states. 3280+ trans people served — from all walks of life. Doctorates and high school dropouts, those needing just a couple nights to those needing a year. The longest running, oldest trans based recovery group in the State of Arizona.

Job hunting training, critical thinking, self knowledge, substance abuse, ex-offender reentry, homelessness diversion, help getting to see a doctor. We’ve been able to help people get hormones for the first time ever.

Spread the word — we desperately need donations to keep us going while we forge ahead. tell your friends to visit and donate any amount they can possible spare — every dollar matters, every dollar counts.

The next Trans Tale

She had been in shelters for a year. She always got their early to be sure she could get a bed, and she always helped out whenever asked. She had been pushed away from her family by her family, and the pain of it burned deep inside her, though she rarely let others see it.

She found herself there, and she didn’t like change from unstructured to structured at first, but she stuck with it because she needed the help, needed the safety net, and she kept on going. Soon she was back in school, and studying hard, and having challenges and on those days she wanted to quit, the people around her wouldn’t let her, and on days that she needed space, they let her have it.

Christmas came around. She began to withdraw. The holidays are a hard time for many trans people. There are memories and old desires that spark up. For Thanksgiving there had been a large meal put out that the whole community could enjoy. Three turkeys, a duck, a turducken that was donated, and more. She couldn’t take garlic or onions, and so hadn’t expected to eat, but sure enough, there was plenty that didn’t have those things in it.

It had started to pull her back, but the heartbreaking weight of Christmas still hovered over everything, and so she fought and resisted and then, it was there.

And among the presents was one for Her. Not for the person that had been. For her. It was, truly, her very first christmas as herself, and she looked around and saw there was a tree and there were stockings and here, in her hand, and her lap and around her were presents. Presents for her, not for what people had seen her as for so long.

She felt real, for the first time.

No one had ever given her a present before.

She shifted inside, and refocused on school and made new friends and volunteered and then came the day she left, looking forward now, not back, and filled with a sense that she was there.

Donate today to make that first christmas possible for more people.

Just want to make a quick donation? Try this!

Or, go to any Bank of America Branch and make a deposit using the following info:

This Is HOW
2308 E Monterosa St
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Account # 004570045193



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