Anti-gay Olympics?

The Olympics are supposed to be about respect – but the International Olympic Committee is sitting idly by as Russia wages war on gay people. Sign now to get them to take a real stand as the Olympic media coverage heats up – help us get to 300,000!

Dear Readers,

Russia’s anti-gay crackdown is being reported in the media, including major sources like CNN. Global coverage of the Winter Olympics has just launched, thrusting Russia into the spotlight. That means we have a major chance right now to push world leaders to speak out against the attacks in Russia.

One world leader could really make a difference at this critical moment – the International Olympic Committee. They chose Russia to host the Olympics, despite human rights concerns, and now they’re refusing to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

If the IOC condemns Russia’s anti-gay laws before the Olympics, it would put huge pressure on President Putin to stop the violence and repression. Already 200,000 of us have signed a petition to world leaders. When we hit 300,000, we’ll publicly deliver every name to the International Olympics Committee‘s head office in Switzerland in a way they can’t ignore.

Can you sign the petition now?

The IOC has already felt the pressure and said the Olympics can go ahead because Russia has promised not to arrest gay athletes and visitors. But that’s not good enough – the Olympics are about solidarity and respect. We can push them to go further and demand real commitments from Russia.

Things are going from bad to worse in Russia. Brutal attacks on lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people are on the rise, as President Putin wages his anti-gay war. His government has banned Pride marches and just brought in a law that makes it illegal to even say ‘gay’ in public.

The media have started to write about it – but so far the International Olympics Committee is only offering lip service in response to the crisis. Let’s really put pressure on them now to raise their voice loud and strong, right now when it can do the most good. Sign the petition:

We’ve shown that together we’re powerful. All Out members helped end forced sterilisation of trans people in Sweden, got FIFA to speak out against Nigeria’s ban on lesbian soccer players, stopped Brazil from legalising gay cures and won equal marriage in France.

Russia’s treatment of LGBT people is a huge challenge. If we can turn the tide, it will have incredible ripple effects for love and equality all around the world. We’ve been partnering with Russian organisations to fight these laws for the last two years, it’s time major influencers like the IOC did their part.

The Winter Olympics is a huge opportunity to hold Putin accountable, while the spotlight is on Russia. Let’s not miss the chance – ask the International Olympics Committee to speak out now:

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Guillaume, Hayley, Jeremy, Joe, Sara, Marie, Tile and the rest of the All Out team.

PS: This is a chance for athletes and the world’s media to go even further and raise a protest right at the heart of the Games – to speak out, instead of walking away. Add your voice – sign the petition now:


An Olympic Legend on Boycotts and Bigotry – New York Times, 29 June 2013

Russia’s ‘majoritarian’ crackdown on minorities rolls on with new anti-gay law – Christian Science Monitor, 1 July 2013

Russian anti-gay laws inspire Sochi Olympics, vodka boycotts – Associated Press, 29 July 2013

Shame on the IOC, NBC and foreign governments for turning a blind eye on Russia’s LGBT hate campaign – The Guardian, 29 July 2013

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