Canada: stop the ban on gay law students

In days, a closed-door panel could approve a law school that bans gay students — unless we stop them. Let’s call on the panelists to support equality, and reject the law school’s right to qualify lawyers until they treat all students equally. Click below to send a message now:

Jews and women used to be barred from law schools, clamping down on opportunity for most Canadians. Now the law society could let the same thing happen to gay kids, unless we stop them.

A panel is deciding now whether to give a law school that bans homosexuality the right to qualify Canadian lawyers — it’s brutal discrimination against gay students under the guise of “religious freedom.” But if we can turn up the heat on the panel’s closed-door meetings, we can push the members to quash this attack on equality and reject the school’s application.

This is the moment to draw a line in the sand and make it clear across the country that discrimination has no place in our schools. Click below to send a message to the closed-door panel and push them to do the right thing:

Competition to get into Canadian law schools is already fierce. By opening places up to everyone but gay students, gay kids are subject to stiffer competition. This is how racists, sexists and anti-semites kept profitable industries like medicine, law, and business white and male-only for decades.

The school is claiming that its religious beliefs should permit it to discriminate against gay people. But Canada‘s constitution promises equality and lawyers play a key role in upholding all our rights. While religious freedom is important, it is not an unlimited right and can’t be tolerated when it severely infringes on the basic human dignity of so many Canadians.

This panel is independent and the members have never experienced the force of thousands of us coming together to fight for basic Canadian equality. We can change their minds and end this attack on gay students once and for all. Click below to send the panel a message directly:

The Avaaz community has fought for gay rights around the world, in Uganda, Russia, Brazil and more. Canada has been a beacon of equality for so long and this is our chance to keep it that way.

With hope,

Emma, Jeremy, Ari, Ricken, Melanie and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community. It’s easy to get started – click to start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:


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2 thoughts on “Canada: stop the ban on gay law students”

  1. Neither the CCLA nor the BCCLA support the position in the AVAASZ petition about TWU and for good reason. They know about Charter Rights (freedom of association and freedom of religion) and the fact that the Supreme Court of Canada already supported the rights of TWU to set its own covenant in a 2001 decision (TWU vs. BC College of Teachers). The SCC recognized that there is a difference between belief and actions that are discriminatory. The SCC, CCLA and BCCLA all recognize that it is more than homosexuals who have rights in Canada. Furthermore, I find the AVAASZ petition to be grossly misrepresenting the TWU position. As all associations and private colleges have the right to do, TWU requires its members to adhere to a covenant consistent with its values and beliefs. The TWU covenant does not even mention homosexuality but does state many long-held tenets of the Christian faith, the very basis of the college itself. It appears to me that the AVAASZ petition is based on nothing more than Christophobia..

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