Support the “Moose Sex Project” to Save Canadian Wildlife

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The Chignecto Isthmus is a vital breeding area for species in Canada. Unless we take action to conserve it, the moose of New Brunswick will be in danger of dying out.

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Support the “Moose Sex Project” and Save the Chignecto

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The phrase “Moose Sex Project” might seem silly. But the actions behind the campaign, to save the Chignecto Isthmus between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, are part of an incredibly serious conservation effort.

There are only about 1,000 moose in mainland Nova Scotia total; the animal has been endangered in the province for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the 29,000 moose next door in New Brunswick are thriving. By saving the Chignecto Isthmus, Canada can ensure that these moose have a chance to find mates in their respective neighbouring provinces.

Without legal protection, the Chignecto Isthmus — and the animals who live there — face threats like clear-cutting and extensive road building.

The recent donation of 316 hectares of private land in the Isthmus to the Nature Conservancy of Canada is a huge step towards the conservation of this area and the preservation of moose and other wildlife, but we can’t stop there.

Urge the government to protect the Chignecto Isthmus and the wildlife that depends on it!

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